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Privacy Policy

Welcome to FITINSUR DESENVOLVIMENTO E LICENCIAAMENTO DE SISTEMAS LTDA. legal entity governed by private law, registered with CNPJ/MF nº 35.673.721/0001-47, headquartered at Rua Gomes de Carvalho, 911 – 1° Andar, Vila Olímpia, CEP 04547-003, São Paulo – SP, hereinafter called fitinsur .

This PRIVACY POLICY provides for how fitinsur obtains, uses, discloses, transfers and stores your personal information obtained through its Website and the fitinsur Platform, respecting your privacy and transparency in the treatment of your personal data are a priority.

IMPORTANT: Please read the PRIVACY POLICY before using the fitinsur Site or Platform and also review the respective TERMS OF USE. or before submitting any personal information and contact fitinsur in case of any doubts or questions.

The non-acceptance of this policy may make the use of the Site and Platform unfeasible, or even the provision of the service, as well as clarifying that the conditions provided for in it may be changed at any time, either due to the development of new products, services or technologies or aiming compliance with privacy and security laws and regulations. Therefore, it is important that you check the content whenever possible, making sure that it is the most up-to-date version, as per the date given at the end of the document.

If you have any questions, please contact us at contato@fitinsur.com.


• Anonymization: Use of processing techniques whereby data loses the possibility of direct or indirect association with a holder.
• Backup: backup of data (information).
• Legal Bases: These are the hypotheses provided for in the General Data Protection Law (Federal Law 13.709/2018), which authorize someone to process personal data.
• Content: any and all information made available by or through the Site and Platform, such as texts, data, Software, images, videos, audios, interactive resources, among others.
• Controller: Natural or legal person, public or private, who is responsible for decisions regarding the processing of personal data.
• Cookies: these are small text files transferred to your computer’s hard drive by an internet page. Web beacons (also called GIF files, pixels or internet tags) help fitinsur to recognize a specific cookie in your browser.
• Personal Data: any data relating to an individual (direct personal data) or data that may identify the holder or influence decisions regarding him, such as, but not limited to: identification numbers, navigation data, etc. (indirect personal data) are data that identify you or third parties or that can be used in some way and that are sent to fitinsur’s internet pages and/or collected through them.
• Sensitive Personal Data: direct or indirect personal data that reveal racial or ethnic origin, religious conviction, political opinion, union affiliation or organization of a religious, philosophical or political nature, data referring to health or sex life, genetic data or biometric.
• IP: Acronym for “Internet Protocol”. It is a number assigned to your computer by your internet service provider so that you can access the internet and is generally considered non-personal information because in most cases, the IP address is dynamic (changes each time you log in). connect to the internet), rather than static (unique to a particular user’s computer). However, to the extent that your computer’s IP address, dynamic or static, is considered personal information, fitinsur will also treat this identifier as personal information.
• Platform: the fitinsur tool used by its customers and partners or their customers to access the system and the services available.
• Website: all fitinsur electronic addresses.
• Software: Software owned exclusively by fitinsur through which User Data will be entered, as well as managed and handled in an automated manner.
• Processing: every operation carried out with personal data, such as those referring to the collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, archiving, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, diffusion or extraction
• Terms of Use: document that establishes the conditions for the User to make proper use of the Site or Platform. It requires the User’s acceptance.
• User: natural person, with full capacity to contract, who accesses the Site or Platform and registers himself or third parties to use the services offered by fitinsur, expressly accepting the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.



1. Data Collection

Fitinsur obtains information over the internet through:

a) Active collection of information:
Like many websites, fitinsur websites will actively collect information from you (ie when you submit it on your own initiative) by asking questions or asking you to fill in your details. Some of the information you provide to us may be considered personal information (that is, information that can identify you, such as: full name, address, e-mail, telephone, etc.). Some areas of fitinsur’s internet pages may require you to provide personal information in order to be able to use specific features (such as receiving information about services, contracting services and products offered by fitinsur’s partners, subscribing to newsletters, tips/pointers, filling out a feedback form, among others). You will be informed at each active information collection point about which information is mandatory and which is optional. To protect your privacy, you must not send fitinsur any information that is not specifically requested.

b) Passive collection of information:
When browsing fitinsur’s internet pages, certain information may be passively collected by fitinsur (that is, without you having sent it on your own initiative) through the use of various technologies, such as so-called cookies and web beacons from internet, explained in the next item.
In general, the passive data collection technologies employed on fitinsur’s internet pages can only collect non-personal information, that is, information that does not allow its identification or direct association with you, without you having sent it on your own initiative, unless you have provided personal information that enables your identification on the fitinsur website visited. Examples of non-personal data collected on Fitinsur’s internet pages are: your profession, your language, your zip code, your telephone area code, your activities on Fitinsur’s internet pages, the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the website that you visited previously, among others.
Passive information collection and tracking technologies may make it easier for you to browse fitinsur’s websites. In addition, they allow fitinsur to better understand the behavior of people who visit Fitinsur’s internet pages, improve the products, services and advertising offered, identify problems with a server, adapt fitinsur’s internet pages to your preferences, gather statistical data, analyze trends, identify which parts of your internet pages, products and services attract more interest, allowing better management and improvement of pages, as well as better service delivery.

Personal information combined with non-personal information will be treated as personal information for as long as that information remains combined.

c) Cookies and Other Passive Data Collection Technologies:
Your browser (browser) automatically transmits to fitinsur internet pages information collected through passive data collection technologies (cookies and web beacons), such as the URL address (Uniform Resource Locator) of the internet page you have just visited , the browser version your computer operates with and the IP (Internet Protocol) address of your computer.

2. Circumstances and Purposes of Collection and Use of Personal Information

fitinsur will use your personal information provided through the internet pages to enable the contracting of insurance or the provision of products and services in an efficient manner and to answer your questions.
When you send personal information through a form or data field on the Fitinsur Website or Platform, fitinsur may use this personal information to contract insurance, as well as to offer you the opportunity to receive news about fitinsur services or about the products or services offered by our partners, to invite you to participate in surveys about our services or to inform you about special promotions, if you give us your express consent.
fitinsur may also use certain identification technologies to allow the website to “remember” your personal preferences, such as which parts of the website you visit frequently and, if you wish, your user ID.
fitinsur may and will use your computer’s IP address to identify you when you contract services or purchase products offered on fitinsur’s internet pages and when deemed necessary to verify compliance with this PRIVACY POLICY and the Terms of use of internet

rnet or to protect the services provided by fitinsur, its internet pages and fitinsur’s partners, customers and providers, among others.

3. Consolidation of Customer Personal Information

fitinsur will be able to consolidate the personal information of users who use the pages of the Site and the Platform. In addition, it may consolidate information in non-identifiable format (aggregated/anonymous data) to help improve its systems and the products and services offered, contributing to research and use activities to facilitate promoted commercial activities.

4. Choosing How to Obtain and Use Personal Information

You can always limit the amount and type of personal information that fitinsur receives about you by choosing not to enter any personal information in forms or data fields on the fitinsur Site and Platform. However, some of the online services offered can only be provided if you provide the appropriate personal information.

Fitinsur will also need to obtain personal information from you if you wish to be included in its contact lists to receive offers, promotions and additional services that may be of interest to you. You may also find questions or sections about your preferences on fitinsur’s websites, where you can indicate whether or not you want fitinsur’s websites to use passive data collection and tracking technologies to “remember” your personal information. , such as your username or mailing address, on your subsequent visits. However, fitinsur websites that use passive data collection and tracking technologies to obtain information generally do not allow you to choose whether or not you want these technologies to be used.

Some browsers allow you to restrict or disable the use of passive data collection and tracking technologies that collect information. Check with your browser manufacturer to find out how to restrict or disable the use of these technologies, but remember that some tools on Fitinsur’s internet pages will not be available when these technologies are restricted or disabled.

5. Access to My Personal Information

Personal information may be accessed by a limited number of fitinsur employees, by insurers that offer the insurance that you may contract, by companies involved in credit operations used in contracting insurance or other products or services offered on the pages of Fitinsur’s internet, by certain companies with which fitinsur may enter into commercial partnerships and by third parties contracted to carry out its commercial activities.

fitinsur employees receive training on the importance of privacy and how to handle customer data and manage it appropriately and securely. In addition, it also adopts the practice of always asking for your authorization, in case another company that works in partnership with us needs access to your personal information. In addition, fitinsur requires its business partners to keep your personal information confidential and not use it for unauthorized purposes.

6. Sharing of Personal Information with Third Parties

Unless otherwise stated in this section, fitinsur will not transfer your personal information to third parties unless you have authorized the transfer. fitinsur may disclose your personal information, without transferring it, without your prior authorization, to third parties that assist us in our commercial activities. It is fitinsur’s practice to require these third parties to keep your personal information confidential and use it only to provide services to fitinsur and as directed by fitinsur.

fitinsur reserves the right to disclose your personal information if requested by government authorities or legal requirements, as well as for protection against interference with the rights or properties of fitinsur and users of its pages on the internet. Furthermore, in the event of a restructuring, merger or sale, fitinsur may transfer any and all personal information it has obtained to the applicable third party.

fitinsur does not sell to third parties any type of “user list” or personal information of the users of the internet pages, and has no intention of doing so in the future.

7. Protection of Personal Information

It is fitinsur’s practice to guarantee the security of all its internet pages, where personal information is collected. fitinsur takes precautions, including administrative, technical and physical measures, to protect your personal information against loss, theft, misuse, as well as against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

fitinsur uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption on all its pages

those on the internet where personal information is collected. In order for you to benefit from this technology, you need to use a browser with SSL (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari, for example). By doing so, you will protect the confidentiality of your personal information transmitted over the internet.

fitinsur cannot fully guarantee that unauthorized third parties have or do not have access to your personal information; therefore, when submitting personal information to fitinsur’s internet pages, you must assess the risks and benefits.

You should be aware of the privacy policies of third party websites before submitting your personal information through those websites. fitinsur will not be liable for damages that may arise from the violation or breach of internet security barriers by third parties such as “hackers” or “crackers”.

8. Protection of the Privacy of Minors

fitinsur does not intentionally solicit or use personal information from minors (we define “minor” as persons under the age of 18) on its internet pages. Within the limits of fitinsur’s knowledge, minors are not permitted to communicate with fitinsur or to use any online service offered by fitinsur by minors.

If you learn that a minor under your responsibility has sent information to fitinsur, please contact us using one of the methods described below, so that fitinsur can resolve the issue together with you.

If fitinsur becomes aware that it has obtained personal information from a minor, it will take steps to delete such information as soon as possible.

9. Process for Correcting or Deleting Personal Information

With your help, fitinsur will keep your personal information correct and up to date. You can request the removal, amendment or correction of your personal information. Please inform fitinsur of what you wish to do by contacting us by one of the means specified below.

10. Period of Storage of Personal Information

In general, fitinsur only stores personal information for the time necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected, respecting the data retention periods required by law. For security reasons, fitinsur does not retain information about your credit cards used in the purchase of products or services offered on fitinsur’s internet pages. For this reason, each time you carry out a transaction you will have to enter your credit card details again.

11. Period of Storage of Personal Information

All other personal information is collected and stored on servers physically located in Brazil or the United States. fitinsur may relocate its servers in any other country, in the future, and may store personal information in Brazil or in other countries, with backup or backup purposes.

12. Security and Protection of Personal Data

Personal data is protected by fitinsur always considering the best information security practices and in compliance with the General Data Protection Law and other laws, rules and regulations in force and applicable to our services.

• Fitinsur may confirm personal information by consulting public bodies, specialized companies, restrictive registrations or risk centers. The information that fitinsur obtains from these entities will be treated confidentially. Notwithstanding the foregoing, you are responsible for the veracity, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal information provided, and must keep them duly updated. Consequently, fitinsur does not have any responsibility if you provide false or inaccurate data related to your personal information or that of third parties that you provide.

For data protection, the following security measures are applied:

a) measures of a physical nature for security and control of access to personal data;
b) measures of a technical nature, such as, but not limited to: protection against malicious software, encryption and backup routines;
c) organizational and procedural measures, including: contractual repertoire with security, privacy and compliance clauses, demanding from partners and suppliers the same guarantees provided for in this policy; Hiring reference logical storage companies, data restriction considering the principles of need and purpose; information access and classification policies, etc.

13. Update on this Privacy Policy

If fitinsur changes its privacy practices, an updated version of this PRIVACY POLICY will reflect such changes and the updated effective date, which is found at the end of this PRIVACY POLICY, will indicate the occurrence of changes. Without prejudice to its rights guaranteed by law, fitinsur reserves the right to

periodically review this PRIVACY POLICY to reflect technological advances, changes in law or regulatory standards, and good business practices.

14. How to contact fitinsur

If you have questions about the scope, use, alteration or deletion of personal information that you have sent to fitinsur, or if you want to opt out of the distribution list of future communications about fitinsur products or services, please contact us using the option “ Talk to us”, on the website you are visiting, or send an email to contato@fitinsur.com. fitinsur will try to respond to all applicable requests as soon as possible.

fitinsur elaborated this policy in full respect of the General Data Protection Law (Law n. 13.709/2018).

Effective date of this PRIVACY POLICY: November 1, 2022.

Last update of the Terms of Use and Services and PRIVACY POLICY: November 1, 2022.